Let innovation take control of your roads with Global road technologies

To reach your desired destination safely and timely, you need the right path. It is very important that you have strong roads as they are a vital tool of development. There are many ways of constructing  road and there are many people who are doing it, but everyone cannot be the best. You want someone who is a specialist when it comes to road construction.

Many companies are doing construction works, but when it comes to road construction, nothing beats GRT. Global Road Technologies  provides well constructed roads, which are as durable as it gets. The motive  of the company is to construct safe and friendly roads for everyone.

GRT have introduced  RMS – first software program of its kind, It is a real-time data management system. Well, it took millions of dollars to develop it; now it’s paying them back by saving a lot of time and money of a several sectors all over the world. One can reduce construction and maintenance cost drastically with the help of RMS.The software collects data  according to an individual’s particular requirements and help them big time.

GRT is  certified environmentally friendly by Environmental Resource Management. GRT knows how to manage the road surface and exposed areas with the help of polymer sealing and dust suppression technique. A protective sealant layer is created to eliminate dust generation.

The roads made by Global Road Technologies take far less time to get constructed than conventional roads. Along with the use of renewable source of energy, GRT always has safety and innovation as its core values. This is the reason why the company has always come forward to help people directly and indirectly. There are many safety campaigns conducted by the company, especially in third world countries.

GRT  has introduced many innovative products and services in recent times that  are now regularly  used throughout North and South America, India, South East Asia, the South Pacific and Australia. Everyday,over 40 tonnes of GRT’s unique polymer products are produced and shipped globally.

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Global Road Technologies – Ensuring Safe Access Way to Oil & Gas Industry

The greatest stress for the oil and gas industry is that these sites require access road pipeline trenches, lease pads and more for ease of process. Soil stabilization offers an opportunity to ensure a safe working environment to the staff and stringent road for the transportation. While most of the oil and gas industries are remotely situated, it’s better to ensure the roads are strong enough to last longer.

For a better road, there’s always a need of stronger base, which can be achieved with soil stabilization especially when the site is located near a water body. And Global Road Technologies is the name you can trust for soil stabilization and dust control solutions that are reliable and affordable. The global approach of the company makes it your reliable partner, regardless of your location. Wherever you are located, nothing stops Global Road Technologies to serve the clients with the best, using highly advanced machinery without even causing a minor damage to the environment.

The company understands the value of access roads for the oil and gas industry and even a single mistake can be disastrous and lead to the damage of millions of dollars. Hence, they Global Road Technologies ensure the use of a variety of revolutionary polymer products and processes to stabilize the base of these access roads. By being proactive about Soil Stabilization, Global Road Technologies helps sites stay safe and ensures oil and gas companies continue to succeed in the communities in which they operate.

With the soil stabilization of the company, you can rely on stress free access to your site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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